Prey star Amber Midthunder reveals the iconic
Predator line director Dan Trachtenberg tried to use to tell her she got the part, though it sadly didn’t go as planned. The fifth
Predator movie overall,
takes the franchise back in time to the early 18th century, an era it’s never been explored in the series before. The film follows Naru, a Comanche hunter who finds herself facing off against the first alien Predator to ever land on Earth. So far,
Prey has been a big hit, earning rave reviews from audiences and critics alike following its Hulu debut.,Before being cast as Naru, Midthunder was best known for her roles in
The Ice Road and
The Marksman alongside Liam Neeson, and for her role on
Roswell, New Mexico. Midthunder’s casting fits with Trachtenberg’s greater commitment for the film, which was to feature only Native American actors in the Comanche roles. Naru, however, is far different from the burly male protagonists of past
Predator films, including Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Dutch. Although Schwarzenegger would not return for any subsequent
Predator films, his highly-trained commando character remains one of the most iconic parts of the franchise, due in part to his many memorable lines.,Related: Every Weapon The Predator Uses In Prey,In a new interview with
The Empire Film Podcast, Midthunder explains that Trachtenberg actually tried to use one of Schwarzenegger’s iconic
Predator lines to tell her she got the part of Naru. However, it didn’t quite pan out the way Trachtenberg wanted it to. Check out Midthunder’s funny recollection of the event below:,Schwarzenegger famously yells ”
Get to the chopper!” to his civilian companion during the original

Predator movie as the titular alien decimates his elite squad of commandos. The line joins the likes of ”
I’ll be back” from
The Terminator as one of the most recognizable lines of dialogue of the actor’s long career. Despite the longevity of the line and its continued presence in popular culture, however, it’s understandable that Midthunder didn’t at first understand what Trachtenberg was getting at with his mysterious question.,Prey features a very different tone than the original
Predator and relatively little dialogue in comparison, but Midthunder certainly proves herself a worthy Schwarzenegger successor in the film. Although Schwarzenegger ultimately doesn’t return to the franchise after
Prey’s success could potentially mean that Midthunder isn’t done with her role as Naru just yet. While the manner in which she was informed she got the leading role in
Prey was slightly confusing, her casting was ultimately an excellent choice for the film and for the franchise.,Source: The Empire Film Podcast