A new report claims that DC Films head Walter Hamada was planning on doing a
Crisis on Infinite Earths-based event for the
DCEU to help reset things. Since 2017, Warner Bros. has been trying to figure out how to best move forward with the DCEU after Joss Whedon’s
Justice League became a massive step back for the studio’s attempt at a DC-based cinematic universe. While
Zack Snyder’s Justice League, the original team-up film before Whedon took over, was released on HBO Max in 2021, the film is considered to take place in a separate universe.,Despite the 2017 critical and financial bomb, Warner Bros. pushed forward with movies centering on Aquaman, Shazam, and the Birds of Prey, plus sequels to
Wonder Woman and
Suicide Squad. While Warner Bros. found success with their latest DC films, they have still not gotten to the level that Disney has with Marvel Studios’ MCU, the home of the Avengers. However, following the merger that resulted in Warner Bros. Discovery, there are now more shake-ups going on, including the recent shocking cancellation of the
Batgirl movie, which had finished principal photography back in March.,RELATED: WB’s DCEU Reboot Plan Insults The Arrowverse’s Incredible Success,With more changes expected to come for Warner Bros. Discovery in general, it turns out DC Films boss Hamada was considering doing a massive reset with the DCEU. In a new report by
THR, the trade reveals that a
Crisis on Infinite Earths event was allegedly going to happen in the movies. Additional rumors mentioned the introduction of the team Secret Six, a counterpart to the Suicide Squad, with other films such as
Green Lantern Corps,
Static Shock, and J.J. Abrams and Ta-Nehisi Coates’
Superman reboot also being included among Hamada’s DCEU plans.,While Warner Bros. Discovery nor DC Films have commented on if this is true or not, it’s interesting they were supposedly considering doing
Crisis on Infinite Earths. The iconic DC event was recently adapted on The CW only a few years ago as the Arrowverse did
Crisis on Infinite Earths from December 2019 to January 2020, which was a soft reboot of the network’s DC TV franchise. The 5-part crossover is how the DCEU came into play with Ezra Miller’s The Flash crossing paths with Grant Gustin’s iteration. This last-minute cameo was something Hamada himself had to approve; hence it’s interesting that he was allegedly thinking of adapting
Crisis on Infinite Earths for the big screen only a few years later.,Whether or not
Crisis on Infinite Earths would have been a good move for the DCEU is hard to tell. While the DCEU definitely feels jumbled at the moment, the franchise still has a lot of popularity and success that doesn’t necessarily warrant a massive reboot by Warner Bros. Discovery. What made
Crisis on Infinite Earths in the Arrowverse such a successful event was that The CW franchise spent multiple years, starting in
The Flash’s 2014 pilot, building up to the massive, game-changing crossover. Even if
Crisis on Infinite Earths isn’t something on the table in the DC Films world for the foreseeable future, time will tell where the
DCEU will go as a shared universe amid the many changes going on at the studio and with their approach to superhero films.,Source: THR