Avatar Na’vi body paint cosplay looks just as good as the film’s CGI characters. Released in 2009, the science-fiction adventure 
Avatar took the world by storm with its epic storytelling and stunning visuals. It garnered over $2.8 billion at the box office, making it the highest-grossing film of all-time. Following the success of the film, director James Cameron signed on to produce four sequels with the first, 
Avatar: The Way of Water, landing in theaters this year on December 16. Each subsequent sequel will be released in two year intervals.,Avatar centered a disabled ex-Marine who joins an experimental program which allows him to control a genetically-created Na’vi body; the Na’vi are a race of intelligent aliens on the planet Pandora. A Na’vi’s key physical characteristic is their bright blue skin, which is covered in zebra-like patterns that span the entire body. The race’s feline-structured face stands out from the predominantly humanoid appearance. The aliens also sport long braided hair, with a central longer braid that is also an appendage of their body used to communicate to each other and their guiding life force, Eywa.,Related: Of Course Avatar 2’s CGI Backlash Was Wrong – It’s A James Cameron Movie,Reddit user rednamrahC recently shared a self-portrait showcasing amazing body paint cosplay of a Na’vi from 
Avatar. Completely covered in paint from her head to her chest, the work accurately recreates the iconic look of the alien species, simulating the advanced CGI used to realistically render the Na’vi. Take a look at the cosplayer below.,Click here to view the original post.,The cosplay artist nails the recreation of the CGI-ed Na’vi skin using only body paint techniques, down to the individual dots that line the contours of the alien’s body. Her long braided hair drapes across her painted torso, similar to the Na’vi’s hair in
Avatar. She also added the necklaces featured in the movie, but used paint to recreate them around her neck. The artist completes the cosplay with striking stylized contacts to simulate the Na’vi’s unique eyes, as well as prosthetic ears to match the elongated ones in the film.,The
Avatar cosplay is a truly impressive feat as all of the creatures within the film were created through groundbreaking computer-generated techniques that revolutionized visual effects at the time. Although the portrait shows only a portion of the cosplayer’s body, the accomplishment is certainly a remarkable undertaking that required extensive skill and patience. With
Avatar: The Way of Water set to release later this year, setting the stage for the massive continuation of the popular franchise, Na’vi cosplay will undoubtedly rise in popularity in the coming months.,Next: Avatar 2 Creature Tease Proves 1 Big Underwater Tech Concern Wrong,Source: u/rednamrahC/Reddit