The official Twitter account of The Boys releases a behind-the-scenes video showing how the intense fight between Homelander and Soldier Boy in episode 6, “Herogasm,” was filmed. Based on the comic book written by Garth Ennis and developed for television by Eric Kripke, The Boys returned to Amazon Prime Video for season 3 with a 3-episode premiere earlier this month. Set one year after the events of season 2’s finale, the new season picks up with Hughie Campbell and the Boys working for Congresswoman Victoria Neuman and the Bureau of Superhero Affairs to catch problematic Supes.,Following a time of relative peace, the conflict between Billy Butcher and the Seven is renewed once again when he begins to investigate the apparent death of Soldier Boy, one of Vought’s first American Supes who was thought to be killed by the Russians during the Cold War. Butcher and the Boys eventually discover Soldier Boy is still alive and being held in a Russian testing facility. Meanwhile, Homelander slowly loses his sanity as Vought attempts to curtail his power. This conflict comes to a head in episode 6, “Herogasm,” as Soldier Boy and Homelander face off at the annual Supe orgy Herogasm.,Related: What Are Bennies? Soldier Boy’s Favorite Drug Explained,Now, a new video offers a behind-the-scenes look at how episode 6’s intense fight between Homelander and Soldier Boy was created. The BTS video was shared by The Boys‘ official Twitter account and shows actors Antony Starr and Jensen Ackles going at it while suspended from wires. Check out the video below:,Click here to see the original post.,For two seasons, Homelander was by far the most powerful Supe on the show, but now that power dynamic has changed during The Boys season 3 with Soldier Boy entering the picture. The legendary Supe possesses the superhuman strength and speed necessary to rival the leader of the Seven and take back the highly-coveted title as the greatest superhero alive. As evidenced by this BTS video, the Supernatural alum is also able to go toe-to-toe with Starr when it comes to stunt work.,The Homelander and Soldier Boy fight may have been a bit overshadowed by the inclusion of Herogasm and Love Sausage, which stole the show in episode 6, though their rivalry clearly isn’t over yet. Homelander was able to escape before Soldier Boy could nullify his powers, so the fight isn’t finished. With any luck, the two will meet again for another showdown during the two remaining episodes of The Boys season 3, which should produce some more interesting BTS content showcasing Ackles and Starr’s physical prowess.,Next: He Lost, But The Boys’ Herogasm Fight Made Homelander Even Scarier,Source: The Boys/Twitter