In honor of Star Trek’s upcoming 400th issue, one variant cover for the comic will include a beautiful tribute to the Spock character. Ever since the year 2011, IDW Publishing has released its own Star Trek comic book series that has received praise for how it deepens the ever-expanding lore of the Star Trek universe. Now, 11 years later, the publishing company is celebrating the series and its landmark 400th issue due out in September.,The issue is expected to feature a bevy of Star Trek-centered stories showcasing old and new generations of the USS Enterprise and its crew. Of course, among the classic characters included in the issue will be long-time fan favorite Spock. The character made his debut in the original show’s very first episode, where he was played by Leonard Nimoy. For a character who was supposed to be permanently killed off in the movie Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, Spock has managed to endure the test of time as a pop culture icon and, arguably, the character who defines how audiences think of Star Trek.,Related: Strange New Worlds Has Its Own Evil Spock (Not Mirror Universe),That fact is emphasized in one of the variant covers for Star Trek #400 highlighting the Spock character as he has appeared in media over the years. The cover art features Leonard Nimoy as he was originally featured in the 1966 show, as well the much older version of the character as portrayed by Nimoy in J.J. Abram’s reboot trilogy. The cover also includes that trilogy’s version of Spock as played by Zachary Quinto. Finally, the cover also features the most recent version of Spock as played by Ethan Peck, who first played a young version of Spock in Star Trek: Discovery before reprising his role for Star Trek: Strange New Worlds.,The cover art feels like a stroll down memory lane, giving readers a brisk look back at Spock and his previous adventures in all his forms. It speaks to the enduring legacy of the Spock character and the positive public perception of him that he’s wound up paving a new life of his own. No one expected that anyone would still be talking about Spock, let alone Star Trek itself, nearly 55 years after its original release. Yet, Spoke has proven to remain among the most popular and beloved qualities of the show and its universe.,What’s most impressive is how the character remains popular no matter how or where he’s depicted. So many actors bring something integral to the role of Spock, with subtle differences that add to the character without losing what makes him special. It goes to show that as the character continues to evolve with the franchise going into Star Trek #400’s September 7th release date, Spock as a character remains as unique and captivating in 2022 as he was in 1966.,Next: Spock’s Vulcan Brother Sybok Explained