Even the most casual fans are aware of Wolverine’s iconic catchphrase, “I’m the best there is at what I do, but what I do isn’t very nice,” which is one that evokes intimidation because it is just vague enough to be absolutely terrifying–but Captain Marvel lovingly turned it into a total joke by flipping the ‘tough guy’ mantra in hilarious fashion.,When Wolverine says those iconic words, he is referring to the decades he spent killing people, both for the mutant experimentation organization known as Weapon X as well as during his life before then as he served in a number of wars throughout history. Wolverine has spent his whole life mastering his murderous skills, whether it be by choice or by force, as he was seemingly destined to become a living weapon given his mutant abilities. Wolverine was born with the powers of accelerated healing, heightened senses, and claws that extend from his knuckles–all of which offer themselves to be used in combat. So, even though he finds himself ashamed from time to time over how he has spent his life, the result is the same—Wolverine was forged into a master of death.,Related: Captain Marvel Admits the One Avenger She Never Wants to Fight,In Captain Marvel #17 by Kelly Thompson and Francesco Manna, Wolverine is taking a break from the carnage and bloodshed and decides to spend his evening hanging out with Captain Marvel, Spider-Woman, and Hazmat among other heroes for a game night hosted by Carol Danvers. While they began the night with a poker game, Ms. Marvel later showed up and suggested they all do an escape room challenge together, and after some deliberation, the group agreed to partake. However, once they got to the escape room facility, Wolverine got cold feet and told Captain Marvel that he actually had to leave as there was a supposed X-Men emergency on Krakoa that he needed to handle, to which Captain Marvel replied, “Listen, lying is not what you do best, my friend.”,This moment between Captain Marvel and Wolverine is incredibly sweet and very insightful into their relationship as friends. Carol’s joke revealed that she was aware of Wolverine’s ‘catchphrase’ and the fact that she felt comfortable enough to use it as a joke showed that the two heroes are close. Anytime Wolverine utters those words, he does so in an almost shameful and depressed manner as if to say that he is the best murderer there is, but he wished he wasn’t. While the mantra is one of intimidation and toughness, it is also one of sadness and regret. So, when Captain Marvel flipped it into a joke, it couldn’t help but put a smile on Wolverine’s face and ultimately convinced him to stay with the group and continue having fun with them rather than sulking in solitude on a Krakoan beach.,Wolverine has proven time and again that he is a brutal force of death and destruction when he needs to be, but he is also one of the most caring and compassionate heroes in the Marvel Universe as he has experienced the worst of what humanity has to offer and makes a choice everyday to fight against it to the best of his ability. And sometimes, the best way to fight the evils of the world is to remind oneself to let loose and have fun with people who bring joy into one’s life, and that is exactly what Logan did when Captain Marvel hilariously flipped Wolverine’s iconic catchphrase.,Next: Captain America’s MCU Catchphrase is Corrupted by Captain Marvel