After parting ways with its star jungler Kairi, ONIC PH made yet another surprise announcement today as it let go of its team captain Baloyskie and gold laner Markyyyyy.,“He’s not just our in-game captain, but he also leads the team by example through sharing real life advice drawn from his experience, all in the effort to motivate the team on and off the game. More than a captain, he takes care of all of us like a real older brother,” ONIC wrote on Facebook.,“We will surely miss having him around, most especially because of his funny antics, great leadership and when he asks us if we are down for midnight snacks. He truly is one of the best captains we could have ever asked for to guide and lead our team.”,Before ONIC PH’s latest announcement, the Esports organization has also severed ties with Beemo, coach Yeb and Micophobia.