As fans wait to see if Netflix will green light Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, a new Leatherface figure has been revealed. Texas Chain Saw Massacre is one of the most iconic horror films to come from the ‘70s, and after many lackluster sequels, Netflix attempted to revive the series with their reboot/sequel at the beginning of the year. Despite taking a similar approach as David Gordon Green’s Halloween by retconning all past sequels, Netflix’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre was unable to make an impact with fans or critics, with many criticizing the movie’s focus on gore and cheap jump scares over the actual plot and character development. ,Related: Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2022: How Leatherface Survived At The End,The first official merchandise for 2022’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been revealed. Hiya Toys recently announced their upcoming Leatherface figure based on Netflix’s redesigned version of Leatherface. The figure stands 4.72 inches tall and comes with a bloody chainsaw and one pair of interchangeable hands. Pre-orders are currently available at Entertainment Earth for $19.99, with an expected release date of April 2023. Check out some of the images of the new figure below:,This is far from the first Leatherface figure ever released, yet it is the first one from Netflix’s film. NECA is arguably the biggest toy distributor for horror movies and has also come out with an Ultimate Leatherface figure with multiple weapons and an alternate head sculpt. Unfortunately, Hiya Toy’s Leatherface won’t match with collectors’ NECA figures since those stand around 7 inches tall. The release of this figure shouldn’t be taken as a hint that Netflix is working on Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, but it will tide fans over until the long-running horror franchise inevitably returns.,More: The True Story That Inspired Texas Chainsaw Massacre,Source: Hiya Toys, Entertainment Earth