Billlie will be returning with a new project by producer Yoon Jong Shin!

On June 23, a source from Billlie’s agency Mystic Story shared, “Billlie will be starting music promotions after releasing a new song through executive producer Yoon Jong Shin’s new music project in mid-July. The Billlie members currently wrapped up filming the music video for their new song, and they’re gearing up for the final stages of their return.”

They continued, “In this project, Yoon Jong Shin will personally participate in producing [the song] and showcase a new perspective of Billie’s nature that is unique and popular to the general public. Please watch on with interest for how the creative and unique world of Billlie will be newly expressed through the collaboration with Yoon Jong Shin.”

This will be the girl group’s first new release in five months since their comeback with their second mini album “the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one” along with the title track “GingaMingaYo (the strange world)” in February.

Billlie’s new song will be released on various music streaming sites in July.

Are you looking forward to their return?

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