A new Stranger Things season 4 video breaks down how the impressive Demogorgon prison fight was filmed. Created by the Duffer Brothers and first released in 2017, Stranger Things is one of Netflix’s most popular shows, with season 4 recently breaking viewership records. The show follows a group of teenagers who must face off against various monsters after a sinister government lab in Hawkins, Indiana, opens a doorway to another dimension known as the Upside Down.,Stranger Things season 4 features a reported budget of $30 million per episode and is bigger and more ambitious than ever before. The show moves the action out of Hawkins this time around, featuring stories that take place in both California and Soviet Russia. After appearing to die in season 3, police chief Jim Hopper (David Harbour) returns in season 4, now captive in a Soviet prison. Season 4, part 1, chronicles Hopper’s failed attempts to escape with the final episode seeing the character face off against a Demogorgon with a group of other prisoners. The brutal fight features the prisoners getting eliminated one by one until Hopper barely escapes by throwing a spear into the Demogorgon’s mouth.,Related: Stranger Things: How The Russians Acquired A Demogorgon,In a new video posted by the Netflix Twitter account, the Duffer Brothers break down how they filmed the intense Demogorgon fight, revealing a mix of practical effects and CGI. Unlike in season 1 when the smaller budget forced them to use a man in a creature suit to create the Demogorgon, the larger budget for season 4 meant that CGI could be used this time around to make the creature even more violent. Although the creature was created with visual effects, the Duffers reveal that the fight scene still employed some pretty impressive stunt work. Check out the video below:,Click here to see the original post.,Although the Demogorgon went on a bloody rampage towards the end of Stranger Things season 1, the prison fight in season 4 shows the creature being more lethal than ever before. The video demonstrates the immense amount of work that goes into creating such a sequence and even reveals that Hopper’s throwing of the spear was Harbour’s idea, with the original script calling for Hopper to just jab the spear instead. Interestingly, the video also reveals a happy accident that made it into the final cut of the episode, with one stunt man’s impact into the wall causing part of the set to fall down.,Hopper barely escapes his fight with the Demogorgon with his life and it remains to be seen what is next for the character in Stranger Things season 4, part 2. Although weakened by his encounter with Hopper, it’s clear that the Demogorgon is stronger and more lethal than ever, potentially hinting at another epic fight scene down the line. The new behind-the-scenes video proves that, while Stranger Things came from humble beginnings, its success has allowed the Duffer Brothers to get really creative when it comes to creature action sequences, employing a mix of practical effects and CGI to create truly ruthless and brutal monsters that rival those seen in big-budget blockbusters.,More: Stranger Things Season 4: Who Will Die In Volume 2’s Finale,Source: Netflix/Twitter