Maggie Wilson’s lawyers from the Divina Law on Saturday accused her estranged husband, Victor Consunji of harassment after representatives of Victor Consunji Development Corp. (VCDC) allegedly illegally entered the condominium unit of the former beauty queen.,In a statement, Divina Law said that without any notice and permission from Wilson, the group proceeded inside the house to take videos of their client’s belongings, claiming that they were doing so on behalf of VCDC.,“When Ms. Wilson’s sister insisted that our client had a subsisting contract of lease, the group just cut off the electricity and left, leaving our client’s sister, 5-year old cousin, and household staff to suffer in darkness,” the Divina Law said in a statement.,The law firm added that the harrowing incident has caused severe trauma and humiliation to Wilson and the occupants of the house.,“It is public knowledge that Ms. Wilson is estranged from her spouse, Mr. Victor Consunji, the Chief Executive Officer of VCDC. Such estrangement, however, does not and cannot justify the malevolent act of harassment and persecution against his wife and her family. Whatever personal issues Mr. Consunji has against his spouse is not a license to trample upon her honor and dignity and inflict fear upon her and her family,” the Divina Law added.,“This blatant display of power and influence deserves the strongest condemnation. No one is above the law. We will not le pass this flagrant violation of the home and privacy our client and we will HOLD LIABLE TO THE FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW all those involved in this dastardly act,” the law firm added.,Wilson and Consunji announced their split in September 2021 after a decade of marriage.,In December 2021, Wilson claimed she was denied time with their son Connor on Christmas, and in March, she was denied photos from her son’s birthday party.,VCDC has yet to release statement on the issue., ,, , ,