Legendary Jedi Master Luke Skywalker battles “Death” Troopers in a new piece of epic 
Star Wars fan art. George Lucas’
 A New Hope introduced audiences to Mark Hamill’s humble moisture farmer on the fictional desert planet of Tatooine. That first film saw “Old Ben,” aka Obi-Wan Kenobi, draw young Luke into the Rebel Alliance’s struggle with the Galactic Empire, Darth Vader, and Emperor Palpatine, whose totalitarian agenda is enforced by battalions of stormtroopers with a famously terrible aim.,As the original trilogy’s main protagonist, Hamill’s Luke ostensibly became the face of 
Star Wars alongside his fallen father and those white-plated infantrymen. Following Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm in 2012, Hamill has reprised his role in the 
Star Wars sequel trilogy, 
The Mandalorian, and 
The Book of Boba Fett (thanks to the ever-evolving use of body doubles and CGI). Taking place directly after the original trilogy—as opposed to decades later—Disney+’s shows have gifted fans with a look at Luke Skywalker in his prime as he makes quick work of Dark Troopers and trains Grogu/Baby Yoda. Still, there are plenty of things audiences haven’t seen Luke do. For example, the Jedi Master has yet to battle undead stormtroopers.,Related: Star Wars Explains A Stormtrooper Mystery From The Mandalorian Season 1,Digital artist Tilian_creative recently shared some thrilling art that sees Luke take on a new kind of enemy. The piece finds the Jedi Master wielding his green lightsaber against a handful of Death Troopers, with their blood being used to write the word “
Zombies” on the ground. Check it out below:,Click Here to View the Original Post,The above art plays on a concept that not only exists across all mediums but in the galaxy far, far away as well. In 2009, Joe Schreiber actually wrote a 
Star Wars Legends novel entitled 
Death Troopers, which takes place a year before 
A New Hope and follows two brothers who are taken captive and, ultimately, have to deal with stormtroopers infected by a Sith plague dating back to the Old Republic. In 2014, Death Troopers were canonized in the mobile game 
Star Wars: Commander. However, they’ve been renamed “Undead Troopers” to avoid confusion with an elite, stealth-focused variant of stormtroopers known as Death troopers seen in projects like 
Rebels, Rogue One, and
The Mandalorian.,Popular culture has long been obsessed with reanimated corpses, a fad that has been reset by media including 
Zombieland and 
The Walking Dead. Last year, Marvel Studios loosely adapted a limited comic book series, 
Marvel Zombies, into an episode of Disney+’s
 What If…?. That episode has seemingly led to the creation of an actual
Marvel Zombies animated show, which is currently in development. As Disney/Lucasfilm continues to expand the 
Star Wars universe on Disney+, it’s not hard to imagine a single episode of any of their upcoming series exploring the idea of Death Troopers. However, it’s unlikely Luke will be the one to dispose of them.,More: Star Wars Hints A Bad Batch Clone Was The Empire’s First Death Trooper,Source: Tilian_creative/Instagram