Stranger Things star Noah Schnapp confirms what many fans have already predicted: That his character Will Byers is gay, and in love with his best friend Mike. Netflix’s ’80s-set paranormal series has been a hit ever since it premiered in 2016, but the recent debut of Stranger Things season 4 proves the hype has only increased since then. The super-sized season 4 arrived in two different parts, with the second dropping at the start of July. It saw the core cast of characters battling a villain unlike any other: Vecna, the true mastermind behind the Upside Down’s most terrifying creatures.,In between all of the thrills and twists involving Vecna’s grand plan, Stranger Things season 4 still found time for deeper moments with its characters. Going into the new episodes, one of the biggest talking points online was Will’s sexuality. Speculation about whether Will is gay has run rampant online for years, and many of the creatives associated with Stranger Things stated things would be made clear in season 4. Though the word gay is never said aloud, Will has several moments throughout Stranger Things season 4 where it is heavily implied that he has feelings for Mike (Finn Wolfhard).,Stranger Things might not have provided the exact answers fans expected, but Schnapp has officially cleared the air. In a new interview with Variety, the star confirms that Will’s feelings for Mike have been baked into the show since the very beginning and that season 4 has made that abundantly clear once and for all. Schnapp says:,More to come…,Source: Variety