Warning: contains spoilers for Chapter 167 of One-Punch Man,Saitama from One Punch Man has always stood as a beacon of hope for the human heroes of the world because he broke his limiter and gained power beyond belief. Recent chapters of the manga may suggest that Saitama could have transcended the limitations of not just humanity but all three dimensional life. This is all thanks to one particular feat of power displayed in the battle against none other than “Hero Hunter” Garou.,One Punch Man chapter 167 picks up on the battle between Garou and Saitama, which ends up in outer space after Blast and some mysterious figures teleport them away to one of Jupiter’s moons. While on this moon, the battle ramps up even further when Saitama declares that he’s going to beat Garou. Saitama unleashes a barrage of Serious Series attacks including his Serious Punch and most notably, his most powerful attack, the Serious Tableflip. In between all these destructive moves, however, lies the key to understanding just how powerful Saitama really is: Garou’s hyperspace gates.,Related: Simpsons Predicted One-Punch Man 10 Years Before It Existed,During the battle with Garou, Saitama was able to grab the hyperspace gate’s boundaries and move it as Garou traveled through hyperspace. By definition, hyperspace is a level of space containing or within more than three dimensions. Put simply, Saitama and Garou are both capable of interacting with the 4th dimension, a feat that should be completely out of the realm of possibility for any normal three dimensional being. This means that both Garou and Saitama are really on a completely different level from the rest of humanity. While the feat of interacting with hyperspace on any level is nothing to balk at, there are certain qualms about this showing of power that need to be dissected.,For starters, being able to interact with the 4th dimension does not automatically mean that Saitama and Garou have eclipsed all three dimensional life entirely. Nor does it mean that they themselves are inherently four dimensional beings. From what is shown, Saitama and Garou are still just 3D beings with some limited ability to interact with a higher dimensional tiering. This would be akin to how humans can interact with certain objects and forces in a 3D space but not have control over 3D space itself. That being said, there are still some interesting questions left up in the air to readers. What level of dimensional tiering are Garou and Saitama even interacting with when it comes to the hyperspace gates? If it’s the 4th dimension, would they both have some ability to warp or control time? How did Saitama even learn this ability?,Whatever the case may be, fans of One Punch Man can only hope these questions will be answered in next week’s chapter. The battle between Saitama and Garou has been an event anticipated for years now and the ridiculous power feats being shown are certainly living up to the hype. With every chapter, Saitama and Garou seem to grow in strength constantly eclipsing what was thought to be possible for the characters, and only time will tell if their hyperspace interaction is just the beginning.,More: One-Punch Man’s New Chapter Trolled Fans of the Webcomic in the Best Way,Read the latest chapter of One-Punch Man now on Viz Media’s Shonen Jump app!