Warning! The following contains preview pages for Dark Crisis #1!,The Dark Crisis has arrived and it’s time for the next generation of DC heroes to step up. A preview for Dark Crisis #1 hints at how DC’s newest calamity is an important milestone for legacy heroes to go through.,The DC Universe has gotten bigger in the last several years with the addition of a number of “greener” characters taking on the mantles of classic heroes. Despite their lack of experience compared to some of the old guard, the younger generation has already taken on some pretty heavy duties. Jon Kent has been making waves trying to prove himself capable of being the Earth’s Superman and Sojourner “Jo” Mullein took on a critical role in bringing back the Green Lantern Corps after its darkest hour. The newest crop of legacy heroes have done a lot in a short time, but they’ve still got a ways to go before they gain the experience of their older counterparts.,Related: DC’s Dark Crisis Event Won’t Be As Miserable As It Sounds,That being said, with the Justice League now dead to the world, the younger heroes are about to have to step up in a major way. A preview for Dark Crisis #1 by Josh Williamson and Daniel Sampere really hammers home the importance of what legacy means to the DC Universe. Nightwing speaks at a vigil honoring the fallen heroes after the events of Justice League #75. Dick tells of the oath he swore when he first joined Bruce Wayne in his mission and emphasizes how important it was to carry on the legacies of Batman and his parents. Nightwing mentions that since he first took that oath, he’s seen the world grow, not only with other powerful heroes, but new generations of younger crimefighters eager to carry on the good work started by their mentors.,Indeed, it’s true when Dick says that there will be “dark days ahead” now that the Great Darkness is making its move on the DCU. This wouldn’t be the first time an entity has threatened DC’s vast multiverse, but it will be one of the first times that a majority of the major players have been removed from the board during such an event. Dark Crisis serves as an opportunity for the next generation of heroes to overcome a crucial and necessary step in their careers.,The word “Crisis” is generally a catchall term for events that have drastic implications on DC’s multiverse. From Crisis on Infinite Earths to Dark Knights: Death Metal there have been plenty of Earth-shattering calamities that the biggest heroes have all played a part in. But for one of the first times since the Anti-Monitor began his reign of terror, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and other heroes who have played major roles in previous Crises aren’t here to save the day. The only ones who have a hope of getting the DCU through this dark time are the heroes who are following in their friends’ and mentors’ footsteps. Taking on the Dark Crisis will be a major test of the legacies’ mettle, but should they get through it, they’ll find themselves in the same league as the old-school DC heroes.,Next: The Death of The Justice League Expands In New Line of ‘Dark Crisis’ Comics,Dark Crisis #1 is available June 7th, 2022.