The Northman writer-director
 Robert Eggers says he has no interest in directing a movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Eggers burst onto the film scene back in 2015 with his directorial debut The Witch, and t
he completely original, period-accurate, arthouse horror was met with critical acclaim and is one of the films credited for the genre’s recent resurgence. In addition to this, the movie made over ten times its budget, grossing over $40 million in its theatrical run. His second film,
The Lighthouse
, was even more horrific and surreal than his first, yet it seemed to match the praise his debut received as well as being another box-office success.,Eggers most recent film, The Northman, is currently in theaters and reaching the end of its box-office run. Based on the legend William Shakespeare used as influence for
, the story follows a Viking who seeks revenge against his uncle for the violent killing of his father. The Northman movie’s style is identifiably Eggers’, as its period-accurate dialogue and unique cinematography are indicative of his first two films. However, unlike
The Witch
The Lighthouse
The Northman
was much more expensive and 
has not been a financial success, with its worldwide take of $66.7 million still below its estimated $70-90 million budget.,Related: Why The Northman Bombed At The Box Office,In a recent interview with
The Daily Beast
, Eggers discusses his filmmaking future after
The Northman
’s disappointing box office. Asked if he would be rethinking his strategy when it comes to the next project he takes, the director states that while he may have to reconsider how he’d pitch a project, he’d have no interest in directing the likes of a Marvel film. He continues to say that he wouldn’t want to waste his time trying to get the rights to do something like a Spawn movie reboot either,
 and that he’ll simply “keep doing what I’m going to do.” Check out the full quote below:,While it’s very possible that Eggers’ fanbase would love to see him helm a superhero project, be that an MCU movie or
, it seems he’d prefer to continue with his own style of films. It is no secret that Marvel Studios has a certain way they like their films to be made, and that anyone working for them would be sharing creative control with several other people. While it may not have been as profitable as a film like
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness
, The Northman critical reviews were much more positive, a direct result of his getting to execute his artistic vision.,It appears that Eggers knows exactly what he wants for his career. While The Northman may not have been a financial success in theaters, its critical acclaim has helped the film become quite successful on VOD. And while he has claimed he doesn’t want to chase down any properties, he has reportedly locked down the IP for a
remake, with The Witch star Anya Taylor-Joy already attached. So, while Eggers may not be in line to direct the next Marvel blockbuster, it seems that he still has many projects coming for his fans to be enthusiastic about.,Next: The Northman’s Box Office Failure Can Make Its Follow-Up Even Better,Source: The Daily Beast