Anthony Starr of The Boys talks about where his character Homelander is going to go in future seasons, after the revelations of the season 3 finale. The series aired its third season finale on July 8 and has already been renewed for season 4 by Prime Video. Along with Starr, the show features Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Erin Moriarty, Karen Fukahara, and Jensen Ackles.,The Boys follows a world where super-powered individuals are lionized by the public, allowing them to commit horrendous acts in secret. The world’s most famous superhero, Starr’s Homelander, is depicted as an arrogant psychopath hiding beneath his public veneer of goodness in a satire of American nationalism. The third season finale of The Boys saw Homelander contending with the revelation that Ackles’ Soldier Boy is his father, and attending a rally where he brutally murders a dissenter to the joy and approval of the crowd.,Related: Will Soldier Boy Return In The Boys Season 4 (& How Can He)?,When asked by Comicbook, Starr talks about where Homelander will go in future seasons, saying his endgame is completely at odds with reality. He goes on to say that Homelander really wants a family, but if he got it, he wouldn’t be able to stop his villainy, stemming from a lack of his own identity. He also mentions how there’s no redemption for Homelander since he’s gone so far into his darkness – there’s no hope for him to pull out of it, and it would be a betrayal of the character if he did. Read Starr’s quote below:,In The Boys, Homelander has always been defined by his impulsivity and a lack of any true connection, for he only knows how to maintain power through fear. Starr talks about how Homelander could never get what he wants because if he did, he would realize how nothing can satisfy the emptiness he feels. Homelander’s arc in The Boys season 3 sees him realize he can’t rely on anyone, and can only get respect from those who won’t challenge him.,With such a vile villain at the center, it’s hard to see how the writers of The Boys will be able to keep Homelander interesting, for his character makes it difficult for him to remain compelling. However, Starr’s magnetic performance keeps the character centered, with the charisma and range that makes the character so interesting. Starr is right when he says Homelander isn’t in touch with reality, and fans will have to wait for The Boys season 4 to see what he does with it next.,Next: The Boys Secretly Reveals Who Could Kill Homelander (It’s Not Soldier Boy),Source: Comicbook