Tom Cruise has reacted to
Top Gun: Maverick‘s record-breaking opening weekend success at the box office, thanking fans for supporting the sequel. The long-awaited sequel to Cruise’s and Tony Scott’s 1986 action drama sees Cruise return to the role of ace pilot Pete “Maverick” Mitchell.
Top Gun: Maverick was released on May 27th, 2022, following numerous delays.,Over 36 years after audiences were introduced to the high-paced, breathtaking skills of US Naval Aviator Lieutenant Pete Mitchell, the pilot finally returned to the big screen in
Top Gun: Maverick. Despite avoiding promotion for many years, Maverick finds himself assigned to train a new generation of TOPGUN pilots through the intervention of the now-Admiral Tom “Iceman” Kazansky (Val Kilmer), forcing him to once more face one of his greatest mistakes when he learns one of his students is Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw (Miles Teller), the son of Maverick’s fallen wingman, “Goose” (Anthony Edwards). After having the best opening weekend of Cruise’s entire career to date and becoming the fourth film to earn over $100 million in its opening weekend since theatres reopened following the pandemic, Cruise has thanked fans for supporting
Top Gun: Maverick.,Related: Why Top Gun: Maverick’s Box Office Broke Tom Cruise Movie Records,In a brief statement posted to his personal Twitter account, Cruise addressed
Top Gun: Maverick‘s impressive box-office performance. The actor thanked fans for going to see the film in theatres, as well as their support for the film and for helping it break records. Check out Cruise’s brief comment below., ,Click here to view the post on Twitter.,Top Gun: Maverick had already been set up for a promising theatrical run before it finally hit theatres in May. After a screening was held at the 75th Annual Cannes Film Festival, the film received a five-minute standing ovation from the audience. Critics also responded favorably when reviewing the film, not only praising its story and action sequences but with many reviewers stating that its quality surpasses the original. As a result,
Top Gun: Maverick has earned a rating of 96% Fresh in terms of Rotten Tomatoes’ critical scoring, paving the way for strong word of mouth surrounding the sequel.,After a difficult journey to the big screen,
Top Gun: Maverick is one of 2022’s most-anticipated releases. The film experienced numerous delays, first being delayed from its July 12th, 2019, release date due to the complexity of its action sequences, before closures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic pushed it from a number of release dates, as Paramount Pictures and Cruise opted to look for the best way forward. As such, for Cruise, the cast, and the crew, having audiences see the film and push it to success is sure to be a relief. Though a third film isn’t currently planned,
Top Gun: Maverick‘s strong opening and critical praise promise that the film will make its mark as a standout blockbuster 0f 2022.,Next: How Long Top Gun: Maverick’s Final Mission Actually Took in the Movie,Source: Tom Cruise