Action star Dwayne Johnson responds to criticism over the dialogue in the
Black Adam trailer. Originally cast in the titular role in 2014 as a part of
Shazam!, it was later revealed that Johnson would star in his own DCEU superhero film as the hero Teth-Adam, an ancient Egyptian archenemy of Shazam. Joining Johnson in the film is Pierce Brosnan as Doctor Fate, Sarah Shahi as Cyclone, Noah Centineo as Atom Smasher, and Aldis Hodge as Hawkman. Previously slated for a July 29 release, the film was subsequently delayed until October 21 due to continuing work on the movie’s extensive visual effects.,Members of the press got their first look at the upcoming
Black Adam trailer at this year’s CinemaCon. The footage has been described as brutal, promising a darker tale than its
Shazam! predecessor. The trailer prominently showcases the members of the Justice Society of America in action, a superhero team Black Adam was previously a part of in the original DC comics. The trailer then concludes with Johnson’s antihero savagely punching someone so hard that he sends them flying into the sky, killing him.,Related: Who Is Black Adam? The Rock’s New DC Superhero Explained (Powers & Origin),Following the
Black Adam trailer screening, and the press’ subsequent descriptions of its content, fans have reacted to a line said by Johnson’s Black Adam in the footage. As multiple shots of the film were shown, an unknown person says, ”
Heroes don’t kill people.” Black Adam then responds, ”
I do,” and proceeds to sky-punch said person, effectively murdering the man. Certain fans called Johnson’s line nonsensical, as other already established DCEU heroes have killed people plenty of times. Now, Johnson takes to Twitter to urge patience, explaining that it will all make sense once the film is released. Check out the star’s response below:,Click here to view the original post,Although it is true that Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and even Superman have killed people, perhaps what Johnson is insinuating is the reasoning behind those deaths. Superman needed to kill General Zod at the end of
Man of Steel, because if he didn’t, then the entire world would end. Even knowing what would happen, the blood on his hands took a great toll on him, as evidenced by the resounding scream he unleashed. Johnson hints that Black Adam is far different emotionally by adding the line, ”
Ruthless with zero regard.” Where Batman and Spider-Man may tie up their enemies for the police to take away and lock up, Black Adam may just kill them instead, permanently wiping the threat from existence.,Other superheroes such as Batman have killed, but generally only when they needed to, rather than out of a desire or a disregard for taking human life. Through the trauma that shaped their noble causes, heroes tend to develop a selfless desire to protect those around them, and this does not appear to be the case in the 
Black Adam trailer. Although the character has a relatively vicious background in the source material, how
Black Adam will be portrayed will be revealed when the film lands in theaters later this year.,Next: All 19 DC Movies Releasing After The Batman,Source: Dwayne Johnson