JTBC has unveiled a final interview with the cast of “My Liberation Notes”!

“My Liberation Notes” is about three siblings who want to escape their stifling lives and the events that unfold when a mysterious outsider comes to their town. Kim Ji WonLee Min Ki, and Lee El star as the three frustrated siblings Yeom Mi Jung, Yeom Chang Hee, and Yeom Ki Jung, while Son Suk Ku plays Mr. Gu, the alcoholic outsider that unexpectedly changes their lives.

On May 29, “My Liberation Notes” aired its series finale and achieved the highest viewership ratings of its entire run, recording an average of 6.7 percent.

In a farewell interview from their final day of filming, Lee Min Ki, Kim Ji Won, Lee El, Son Suk Gu, and more say goodbye to the drama and share their closing comments.

Lee Min Ki comments, “Today, I did my final filming as Yeom Chang Hee of ‘My Liberation Notes.’ This was such a meaningful period of time and I had fun.” He then shares a message to his character, saying, “I want to tell him, ‘First off, I really liked you, and I hated you as much as I really liked you. Now, let’s finish that love/hate relationship. Live well.’”

After, Lee Min Ki sends a message to viewers. He says, “Thank you for watching ‘My Liberation Notes’ all this time. I’m not sure whether it was a good time for viewers. Please be happy and healthy!”

To her character Yeom Mi Jung, Kim Ji Won brightly shares, “While filming, there were a lot of times where I could relate to the character of Yeom Mi Jung, and there were also times when I felt like I wanted to be a source of strength for her. In order to be liberated and survive the cold winter by any means, Mi Jung puts in quite a lot of work. [I want to tell her,] ‘You’ve worked really hard,’ and I hope that a warm spring finds Mi Jung again soon. It feels like spring is near so my heart feels really light too. Mi Jung, you’ve worked so hard.”

Kim Ji Won leaves a message for Yeom Mi Jung’s friends and family in Sanpo then shares of Mr. Gu, “To be honest, just looking at the script, I was really nervous and I had a lot of concerns. But at the first filming, [Son Suk Ku] appeared just like that in front of me as Mr. Gu, so I think I was able to focus better. I’m so thankful. I want to tell [Mr. Gu], ‘Thank you so much for surviving the winter with Mi Jung.’”

Finally, to viewers, Kim Ji Won comments, “Instead of having continuous development, our drama takes one part of the characters’ lives and we filmed with the mindset of showing that to viewers. If viewers were able to relate or feel comfort from within the characters’ lives, I think I would be very thankful and happy. I hope you are always happy and healthy! Everyone, be free! Thank you!”

Son Suk Gu says to his character Mr. Gu (Gu Ja Kyung), “I think it ended on a bit of a hopeful note. I hope he drinks less, and although that isn’t fixed just because people around you mention it, he’s established an opportunity through the person of Mi Jung, so I hope he continues through with that well. To both Mr. Gu and myself, I want to say, ‘You’ve worked hard, I feel proud, and well done.’”

Regarding Kim Ji Won and her character, Son Suk Gu shares with a laugh, “I think both Ji Won and I are quite shy about a lot of things so [we have] difficult personalities to film a romance [drama]. However, Ji Won looked upon me first and smiled first, so I think we were able to do well without being shy.”

To their viewers, Son Suk Gu comments, “I think our drama speaks the truth. I think it only speaks the truth. I hope that comfortable feeling permeates through. Thank you for watching!”

Lee El shares, “Ki Jung! Oh wait, she’s a year older than me. Ki Jung unnie! Since the character grumbles a lot, is blunt, gets angry often, and complains a lot, I think I focused too much on those aspects. I should’ve created her as a more lovable and charming Ki Jung, but I think I missed out on a lot of that so I felt really sorry towards Ki Jung unnie yesterday. You’ve worked hard for the past six months.”

To Yeom Ki Jung and Yeom Chang Hee, Lee El comments, “I feel the same way towards my siblings. I felt really sorry that I didn’t treat them kindly. But all throughout filming, as both Ji Won and Min Ki are such kind people I’m comfortable with, I was able to happily get angry, yell, and fight as much as I wanted. Because they accepted that so well, I want to say thank you.”

The clip also features farewell comments from Kim Rosa, Jung Soo Young, Kang Joo Ha, Lee Ki Woo, Jeon Hye Jin, Lee Kyung Sung, Park Soo Young, Lee Ji Hye, Han Sang Jo, and Jo Min Gook.

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