Teen Wolf star Arden Cho opens up about turning down the opportunity to appear in the upcoming revival movie. Although it first aired in 2011, Cho didn’t join
Teen Wolf show cast until season 3 in 2014. In the show, Cho played Kira Yukimura, an Asian American teen who possessed numerous powers, including the ability to absorb and manipulate electricity. For seasons 4 and 5, Cho was made a series regular, joining the likes of Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Hoechlin, Tyler Posey, and Holland Roden, among others.,Teen Wolf ended in 2017 after season 6 (of which Cho was not a part), but fans remained passionate about the show and have long called for a revival. Earlier this year, it was announced that a movie was in the works with many of the original cast members set to return. Not long after the initial announcement, however, it was revealed that not only would O’Brien not be returning, but neither would Cho. Cho’s reason for declining to participate in the
Teen Wolf movie was reportedly due to a pay dispute, with the actor being offered a salary half that of her returning female co-stars.,Related: Tyler Hoechlin’s Teen Wolf Movie Role Means Dylan O’Brien Must Return Too,In a new interview with
The Cut, Cho opens up about the pay dispute and her decision not to return for the
Teen Wolf movie. She explains that the real salary amount she was offered was actually less than what was reported, saying the issue is part of a larger pay inequity problem Asian American actors face. Cho says she didn’t turn the role down because she was angry, but more so because she hopes for change in the future. Check out Cho’s comments below:,Cho doesn’t reveal how she found out about the pay inequality, but it’s clear that the actor’s decision not to return had nothing to do with the 
Teen Wolf movie’s story. Unfortunately, she makes clear this isn’t an isolated incident, either, and that Asian American actors continue to be paid less than their co-stars. Hollywood has long seen white male actors being paid significantly more than female actors or actors of other races, and Cho’s decision was evidently made in an effort to change this for future generations.,Yukimura’s story ended on something of a cliffhanger in season 5, and many fans were understandably excited to see the character get a proper ending in the
Teen Wolf movie. Cho was the only woman of color among the show’s main characters and it remains to be seen whether the movie will introduce new characters to make the (predominantly white) cast more diverse. While many fans may be disappointed regarding Cho’s decision not to return for the
Teen Wolf movie, her reasoning is more than understandable.,More: Teen Wolf Movie Is Another Letdown For Stiles Fans,Source: The Cut