Original director Neill Blomkamp gives a
District 9 
movie sequel update. Inspired by the story of Cape Town’s District Six and filmed in Blomkamp’s native Johannesburg,
District 9 released in 2009 and became one of the decade’s most-acclaimed science-fiction films. Starring Sharlto Copley as Wikus van der Merwe, a government agent who goes on the run after beginning to transform into an alien, the movie was both a critical and financial success, picking up Academy Award nominations and earning over $200 million at the box office against a $30 million budget.,Two weeks before the film had even released, Blomkamp was already talking about a sequel, and had said that he would go ahead with a follow-up if
District 9 was successful. After its release, he continued to talk about the project, though there was no official announcement until 2021, when he revealed on Twitter that he was moving ahead with the script for
District 10. He also announced that Copley was writing the film alongside him.,Related: Neill Blomkamp’s Demonic Proves It’s Too Late For District 10,It now seems that the film might not be too far off, as Blomkamp reveals in an interview with
Dexerto. While discussing his work on Gunzilla Games’ new battle royale multiplayer shooter,
Off the Grid, Blomkamp gives a small
District 10 movie update, confirming he is still working on it. He also outlines that it shouldn’t be too long now until further information releases. Find the quote below:,For Blomkamp, making 
District 10 might be a necessary step back towards the property that made his name, as his work since has not been as well-received. While 2013’s
Elysium received some positive reviews, it was a far cry from the widespread acclaim the director received for
District 9 and foreshadowed the cold reception that met his third film,
Chappie. His best work has actually been outside of mainstream filmmaking, as his Oats Studios project on YouTube has released some of the most well-regarded sci-fi and horror shorts on the platform.,It can therefore be hoped that Blomkamp will be bringing some of the DIY aesthetic and interesting use of CGI featured in his Oats Studios films to
District 10, recapturing some of the magic that made
District 9 such a success. In terms of the sequel’s story, no details have been released so far; whether Blomkamp continues the story of van der Merwe remains to be seen. Whatever happens, it could see the South African director’s triumphant return to the forefront of popular science-fiction cinema, and his comments suggest fans of 
District 9 should keep an eye out for news of a 
District 10 release date.,More: District 9’s Ending Explained,Source: Dexerto