A ghoulish horror TV host will return after 56 years to torment
The Munsters in Rob Zombie’s feature film adaptation. The
Halloween director is in the middle of filming his second franchise reboot, a self-proclaimed passion project to bring America’s favorite spooky family to today’s audiences. Official plot details are still under wraps, but if the new movie is anything like the original mid-’60s sitcom, it will satirize the contemporary family formula. That means Herman and Lily Munster (Jeff Daniel Phillips and Sheri Moon Zombie, respectively) will have to handle “normal” everyday issues with their band of bizarre children and quirky relatives.,While the Munsters always saw themselves as regular folks, CBS’s sitcom depicted them as anything but that. From Herman’s monstrous design to Eddie Munster’s werewolf-like features, the family resembled some of the most iconic creatures in pop culture. Zombie’s ongoing behind-the-scenes updates reveal that he and his team are going to great lengths to give these monster designs refreshing, modern makeovers that still pay homage to the classic TV series. In addition to ghastly new characters and the foundational
Munsters clan at 1313 Mockingbird Lane, Zombie is also breathing new life to returning guest characters like Lester Dracula, Lily’s werewolf brother.,Related: Rob Zombie’s Munsters Has A Perfect Original Show Cameo Opportunity,Joining Lester and other
Munsters alumni like Marilyn Munster and Uncle Gilbert is Zombo, as revealed on Zombie’s official Instagram account. The host of
The Zombo Show sports new makeup and prosthetics along with his sponsored cereal brand, Crumble Creature Crackers. Check out Zombie’s post below:,Click here to view the original post,Zombo’s refined look is simultaneously creepy and delightful, a perfect blend for the PG-rated film reboot. His eerie similarity to the character portrayed by Louis Nye in
The Munsters season 2, episode 22 in 1966 is a clear indication that Zombie intends to pay respect to the classic series, even going so far as to tack on something of a throwaway prop that Zombo advertised. The character’s addition is cheeky, considering the casting of real-life horror hostess Elvira, but Zombo was a fan favorite, so his appearance seems like an obvious decision.,Zombo originally had dominion over nearly an entire 25-minute episode, captivating Eddie and selecting him as the winner of the “Why I Like Zombo” Contest. This infatuation shirked Herman’s fatherly advances and made the latter jealous, leading to efforts by Herman and Grandpa to win back Eddie’s affections. Zombie is unlikely to replicate this entire storyline in the reboot due to its magnitude, but his addition will be a welcome gift for those who love the franchise nonetheless. The redesigned Herman Munster will most likely clash with Zombo over Eddie’s attention somehow, but he should be nothing more than a brief side character that demonstrates Zombie’s love for
The Munsters.,More: The Munsters’ Runtime Hints At A Rob Zombie Reboot Problem,Source: Rob Zombie