President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. is scheduled to meet Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to discuss ways to “strengthen ties between China and the Philippines.”,This was confirmed by Marcos on Tuesday, 5 July, during his first press briefing as the country’s Chief Executive at the Heroes Hall in Malacañang Palace.,“And of course, to find ways to work to resolve the conflicts that we have. And one of the ways that I have consistently suggested is that we have our relationship not only on one dimension—the West Philippine Sea. Let’s add to that,” said Marcos.,“Let’s have cultural exchanges, educational exchanges, even military if that will be useful. Of course, the G2G has always been there, and the private sector joint ventures have also been there. But I think that the more we do with that, the more it will help resolve the issues.”,“It’s essentially always trying to find ways to improve relationships. And we have many proposals to them in the sense that as I said we would like for us to increase the scope. Let us not stick with the issue of West Philippine Sea. Let’s do other things too. In that way, it will normalize our relationship,” he pointed out.,Marcos said the schedule of his meeting with the Chinese diplomat is yet to be confirmed.,