Nova art shows what 
Top Gun: Maverick star Miles Teller would look like if he were ever cast as the MCU version of Richard Rider. Since the start of Phase 4, Marvel Studios has not been wasting any time in bringing several new heroes and villains into the ever-growing MCU. While older Avengers are moving on, the next generation of superheroes is now joining the ranks, while also seeing other established characters get further fleshed out. With Disney+ as an additional platform, the MCU is now pouring out more content from the Marvel Universe, both through films and TV shows.,While characters like Moon Knight, Shang-Chi, Yelena Belova, Ms. Marvel, Kate Bishop, and several others have already entered the MCU, another beloved hero is on his way. After several years of fans asking for his arrival, Marvel Studios is developing a Nova project from
Moon Knight writer Sabir Pirzada. Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is, as usual, attached as executive producer. It’s currently unclear if it will be a TV show on Disney+ or a theatrical film, but the MCU is definitely bringing Richard in at last after years of online speculation.,RELATED: Predicting The MCU Until 2032: All 42 Possible Movies,Even though Marvel has yet to comment on the Nova project, some fans are already proposing their own casting ideas for who could be the MCU’s Richard. Teller recently reacted to the idea of him being cast as Nova and was open to it. Following that interview, Artkin, a popular illustrator and art director, created a design for what Teller could potentially look like as Nova in the MCU. Check out the full artwork below.,Click here to view the post.,Teller, who was also recently featured in 
The Offer and 
Spiderhead, is no stranger to the superhero genre. Prior to Disney’s acquisition of Fox, the rival studio owned the 
Fantastic Four film rights and made two attempts at a franchise based on Marvel’s First Family. In 2015, Teller starred in the controversial 
Fantastic Four reboot helmed by director Josh Trank. Loosely based on the 
Ultimate iteration of the team, Teller starred as Reed Richards alongside Michael B. Jordan’s Human Torch, who would later join the MCU as Kilmonger in 
Black Panther. Given that Jordan could join the MCU after
Fantastic Four, it wouldn’t be impossible for Teller to get another chance at playing a superhero, especially someone as big as Nova.,Even though there are no concrete rumors or reports about Teller being eyed for the role, he would be a wonderful fit for Nova. While
Fantastic Four had a lot of issues, Teller was definitely not one of them. Regardless of whether Richard will get his own Disney+ series or a future MCU film, Nova will be another great superhero to help expand the MCU beyond Earth, given his ties to the Nova Corps. If
Nova is being approached as a movie, Richard would then likely not be making his MCU debut until Phase 5, given how packed Phase 4 already is at the moment. Only time will tell what will become of
Nova and whether or not Teller will be the one to bring him to life in live-action.,MORE: How Nova Can Be MCU Phase 4’s Secret New Superhero,Source: Artkin/Instagram