The future of Cyborg in the DCEU after 
Justice League and
Peacemaker remains largely speculative, as it’s unclear whether Ray Fisher will return to the role. First introduced with a cameo in 
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Ray Fisher’s Cyborg was quickly established as part of the DCEU’s Justice League along with the Flash (Ezra Miller) and Aquaman (Jason Momoa) prior to the characters appearing in solo projects. Though other heroes have since been afforded solo treatment, plans for Cyborg’s future have been kept remarkably quiet.,In 2020, Cyborg actor Ray Fisher spoke out about what he described as a toxic environment on the set of 
Justice League. He attributed this to unprofessional behavior on the part of Joss Whedon, later naming DC films head Walter Hamada as an ”
enabler.” Though others have since spoken out in support of Fisher, it would seem that publicly taking such a firm stance against Warner Bros. has alienated Fisher from the DCEU.,Related: Justice League: The Hidden Meaning Of Cyborg’s Snyder Cut Ending,Warner Bros.’s plans for Cyborg’s DCEU future have so far been kept incredibly quiet, prompting speculation as to whether the character will have a continued place within the franchise. After the controversy surrounding 
Justice League and Ray Fisher, the actor was notably not included in the superhero team’s 
Peacemaker cameo. However, considering the controversy, it’s clear that the DCEU needs Ray Fisher’s Cyborg moving forward.,As Cyborg will soon be the only member of the DCEU’s original Justice League not to have had a solo movie, to remove him entirely from the franchise’s future would send a problematic message. Fisher’s public criticisms of Warner Bros. and Walter Hamada, in particular, may have caused some bad blood, but it’s something that needs to be handled tactfully, and summarily dropping Fisher’s Cyborg would be a mistake. The work environment Fisher described was unacceptable, and he’s even stated that he’d willingly return if things were handled differently moving forward, meaning that Warner Bros.’s only feasible option is to smooth things over with the actor.,There has been speculation that 
The Flash could keep Cyborg in the DCEU, although this has, as yet, remained unconfirmed. However, the character introduced in 
Justice League was an interesting take on Cyborg, and the DCEU’s version of the character deserves more than to be quickly written out as a result of behind-the-scenes drama. Though the Justice League were briefly glimpsed from a distance in 
Peacemaker, neither Cyborg nor Batman was present. As 
The Flash will mark Affleck’s final DCEU appearance, Cyborg being the only other hero absent from 
Peacemaker makes his own future in the franchise seem doubtful.,Ultimately, the DCEU could still use Ray Fisher’s Cyborg, and this would be the best-case scenario. However, the franchise seemingly distancing the character from the Justice League is not a good sign and may evidence Warner Bros.’s intention to retire the character after Fisher’s very public criticisms. Whether or not Ray Fisher’s Cyborg will return to the
DCEU is currently unknown, and though the character deserves a more in-depth story within the franchise, it’s entirely possible that the actor’s apparent exit is final.,Next: All 19 DC Movies Releasing After The Batman