A promotional image from Star Wars: The Bad Batch season 2, which was first unveiled at Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim, shows off the group’s new armor. It features the titular Clone Force 99 (minus Crosshair) ready for action and sporting new armor. This comes with the first official teaser trailer for the new season, as well as a release window of Fall 2022.,The first season of The Bad Batch, which premiered on Disney+ on May 4th, 2021, reintroduced audiences to the titular team — a squad of clone troopers with genetic mutations (all voiced by Dee Bradley Baker) who now have to make their way through a changed galaxy after the events of Order 66. Thanks to their mutations, they were immune to the effects of their inhibitor chips, which would’ve made them turn on the Jedi like all the other clones. Joined by a younger, inexperienced yet brave clone named Omega (Michelle Ang), the crew now searches the galaxy for their place in the universe, going on missions and keeping to their identities as soldiers.,Related: Bad Batch Season 2 Trailer: Who Is The Wookiee Jedi,The first promotional image for The Bad Batch season 2 was revealed at Star Wars Celebration 2022. It showcases the main protagonists of the series in heroic poses, including Omega sporting a new helmet and her crossbow. Later, the official Star Wars website posted the image in an article about the highlights of the Bad Batch season 2 panel. Check out the image below:,Along with the image is a quote from the show’s executive producer/supervising director Brad Rau explaining how the show’s creative team came up with the new looks: “We worked really closely with Dave [Filoni] to make sure they look right. We iterated on these characters to get that kit-bashed, worn-through feeling, which really mirrors where they’re at at this point, very early on in Season 2.” Clone Force 99’s new armor can also be seen in action in The Bad Batch season 2 trailer.,Star Wars: The Bad Batch is an important entry in the franchise’s timeline. Starting out during the events of Order 66, it shows audiences the real genesis of the Imperial era more than any other canon title. As season 1 featured the very first Stormtroopers and the destruction of Tipoca City on Kamino, not to mention some familiar characters from other Star Wars titles, one can only imagine what the next season might bring. But under all the important events and guest stars, the main crew — Clone Force 99 — remains a solid group of relatable characters, and seeing them in new armor is enough to get fans excited for their newest adventure.,More: Bad Batch: What Happened To Clone Cadets After Order 66?,Source: StarWars.com